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30 | #poems

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

I’m 30.

I feel young, I feel old, I feel bloated.

If I look back at these years I’ve spent

Looking at screens, looking at stories

Seeing nothing, still paying rent.

I’m in love, I have furry babies

I like fantasy and manga,

Economics, diversity, philosophy.

All the things I want are just within reach

But I can’t learn, even as I try to teach.

30 years on this earth

30 years since my birth

Will I ever learn my worth?

I’m alone.

No one texting.

A hotel room in Boston.

Watching videos of people playing games.

My friends, since I lost the real ones.

I wish someone would call.

I wish someone would care.

Just in the way I like.

In the way I understand.

In the way I want.

30 is another year.

One more I guess, I hope, I fear.

The future is an unknown behemoth.

Will I reach my end at its momentous zenith?

I want to love a child of mine.

I want to understand you, in time.

I want to love, I want to feel.

30 is when I find my zeal.

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